About the Oil of the Suction Sewage Truck

- Jul 23, 2019-

With the development of urbanization, the market of suction sewage trucks is becoming bigger and bigger. Like other vehicles, a lot of oil is also used in the suction sewage trucks. Fuel must be necessary, as we all know. There are many places where the oil is used in the suction sewage truck, not only the fuel, but today we will see what kind of oil is used in the suction truck.

 suction sewage truck

1. Diesel oil

Diesel oil is fuel, most of the fuel for special purpose vehicles are diesel oil. Diesel oil is more dense than gasoline, and the fuel consumption rate is relatively low. Many special purpose vehicles in Chengdu Dayun are diesel oil, such as Dayun Opel pollution suction sewage trucks. For the fuel of the vehicle, we can't fill it too full, but we can't wait for no oil to refuel. The above two situations are harmful to the vehicle.


2. Engine oil

Engine oil is mostly used in engines, which can lubricate and reduce wear, assist cooling and cooling, seal leak-proof, rust-proof and so on. engine oil is usually checked after a period of time. If impurities are found in the engine oil, it may be that the engine has problems and parts may have abnormal wear and tear. It's better to go to the repair place as soon as possible to check and repair.


3. Brake oil

Brake oil is also very important. It is a liquid medium to transfer braking pressure in hydraulic braking system and an indispensable part of the braking system. Brake oil can not be added excessively. Excessive brake oil can easily cause the abrasion of suction sewage truck brake parts. When the brake oil becomes turbid, it proves that the brake oil has deteriorated. It must be replaced as soon as possible to avoid affecting the braking effect.


4. Gearbox oil

Every suction sewage truck has a gearbox. The gearbox oil can keep the gear system clean and lubricate the transmission system and prolong its service life. It should be noted that the gearbox oil can not be too much, nor too little, too much may cause too much resistance to the operation of the parts, or make the gearbox oil bubble deterioration and cause abnormal wear and tear of the parts.


There are many kinds of oil in the suction sewage truck, and these oils are indispensable. We must pay attention to the changes of these oils when maintaining the suction sewage truck, and change the deteriorated oils in time.