Adaptation Temperature of Refrigerated Truck Transport Goods

- Jul 31, 2019-

Refrigerated trucks need different temperatures to transport different goods, and the suitable temperature zone for different goods are also different. Below is the most complete refrigerated truck freight temperature zone in history.

 Refrigerated trucks

1. Meat and fish refrigeration zone: The 0 degree refrigeration and heat preservation zone at 0-2 C can keep the food at 0 C without freezing, no loss of nutrition and strong freshness. It can store fresh fish and meat for 1-2 days in a short time. Fresh meat is generally suitable for this temperature range.


2. Fruit and Vegetable Fresh-keeping Zone: The refrigeration temperature range of 2-8 C can keep vegetables, fruits, eggs, beer and beverages fresh and fresh, and keep the original taste of the juice.


3. Quick Freezing Zone: Meat, fish, frozen food and other foods can be stored for a longer time in the freezing zone of - 18 to -21 C, with faster freezing speed and longer freezing time.


4. Variable temperature refrigeration zone: in the temperature range from - 2 to -14 C, it includes:

(1) Microfreezing (-3 to -5 C).

(2) Soft freezing (-6 to -8 C).

(3) Four Temperature Regions of Mild Freezing (-10 to -14 C), it not only keeps the nutrition of the food well, but also keeps the fresh taste.

(4) Water temperature refrigeration zone (- 2 to -3 C). Foods suitable for this temperature range include margarine, cheese, condensed milk, raw butter, butter, etc.