Advantages and Disadvantages of Lifting Powder Material Transport Vehicle

- May 24, 2019-

The tank structure of the lifting powder material transport vehicle is simple. A hydraulic lifting cylinder is arranged at the front end of the tank body, a similar conical structure is welded at the tail of the cylinder, and fluidized bed and discharge outlet arranged at the bottom of cone.



1. Lifting powder material transport vehicle is a single warehouse structure. When the tank is lifted, it is equivalent to a compartment of a vertical powder material transport vehicle, therefore, the unloading operation is simple and the unloading speed is faster than that of horizontal and vertical powder material transport vehicles.

2. Lifting powder material transport vehicle carries a wide range of materials. It is suitable for powder, granular and bulk materials,and it can unload materials either by pneumatic or by gravity.

3. The fluidized bed area is very small, so the material remaining is very low and can be neglected. Because of the very low residual material, some high-end materials with higher requirements for food materials and quality,  on which the lifting powder material transport vehicle has incomparable advantages.

4. The inner structure of the tank body of the lifting powder material transport vehicle is relatively simple. Cleaning and disassembly of fluidized beds are very convenient, so different materials can be easily replaced to achieve the purpose of multi-purpose one can.



1. The tank wall thickness is slightly thicker than that of horizontal and vertical powder material transporter vehicel.

2. Due to the addition of a hydraulic lifting system, the one-time input cost of the vehicle is high, and it has higher requirements for site and weather at work.

3. It has higher site requirements. It should be flat, have enough height space, and the wind power of the work site should not be too large.