Advantages of automatic sprinkler for sprinkler truck

- Jul 31, 2019-

Now we can see that many sprinkler trucks are equipped with automatic sprinkler (automatic rotating sprinkler), one person can complete the sprinkler operation in the cab. Compared with traditional sprinkler (gun), intelligent rotating sprinkler has the following characteristics:

 sprinkler trucks

1. Water sprinkler is made of stainless steel; imported motor.


2. 2. It can be operated by cab, up and down, left and right omni-directional wireless remote control operation. The washing effect is remarkable (remote control remote 100-200m ,It can rotate 360 degrees).


3. To meet the requirements of road surface cleaning, the use of washing, cleaning, sweeping, collection to control the road surface clean without sand residue.


4. The employer can save manpower and financial resources, and the worker can also greatly reduce the work pressure.


5. Spraying process can flexibly adjust the state of water spray, spraying water column can be divided into straight punch, flower spraying. At straight punch state, the water pressure increases, the road can be sprayed, the road cliffs can be washed and the green plants can be pesticided. At flower spraying state, water pressure decreases, dust can be atomized, watering green belts, flower nurseries.


6. Long range to meet the needs of various environments.


7. Eliminate the potential safety hazards of workers in the rear workbench.