Alternative model of three-axle warehouse semi-trailer

- May 06, 2020-

All along, the three-axle warehouse rail semi-trailer is the most demanded type of trailer, with low cost, large load capacity and strong adaptability, and convenient loading and unloading. But at the same time, this type of semi-trailer is also one of the most overloaded and overloaded models on the road. In order to prevent such vehicles from overloading and ensuring safe transportation, the competent authorities have to improve the configuration to curb the overloading and overloading, thus achieving safe transportation purpose. But as a result, the three-axle warehouse semi-trailer increased the cost of about 40,000 CNY, and the cost advantage was completely lost.

According to statistics, the demand for the following models will gradually increase in the next few years, or will become alternative models.

Side unloading semi-trailer

Reasons for substitution: after the increase in cost of the three-axle barricade and railing semi-trailer due to the technical improvement of GB7258-2017, the side-dumping railing semi-trailer is the closest model, and it is easy to load and unload.

Low flatbed enhanced semi-trailer

Alternative reason: according to the "Technical Specifications for Low-Flat Semi-trailers" issued by the Ministry of Communications on March 4, the low-floor reinforced semi-trailer was added, and the width of its bearing surface can be widened to 3.4m ), The loading quality has also increased, the maximum load mass of the three-axis of the low-floor reinforced semi-trailer is 42 tons or more, and the five-axis is 55 tons or more.

Container skeleton truck

Substitution reasons: because the current constraints on the loading of container skeleton trucks are vague,  the scope of modification is wide. The bodywork of the skeleton car can be extended into a van type, a bar type, a rail type, a tank type, etc.

Alternative model of three-axle warehouse semi-trailer.