Anticorrosive Measures for Dangerous Goods Transport Vehicles

- Jul 17, 2019-

Dangerous goods transport vehicles include oil tank truck, refueling truck, chemical liquid transport vehicle, flammable liquid tank transport vehicle, flammable gas tank transport vehicle and so on. For example, diesel, gasoline, ethanol, oxygen, alkali, strong acid, salt and so on. These goods are corrosive, so the vehicles transporting these materials must also have anti-corrosion measures. It is to use special anticorrosive materials on the surface of the tank for protection, so that the tank can be used for a long time. Generally, the anti-corrosion measures taken by tank trucks with different media are different. Today, i will introduce the anti-corrosion measures of different vehicles in detail.

 Chemical tank trailer for dangeroud liquid transport_3

1. Ordinary Anticorrosion. Ordinary anti-corrosion measures are mainly aimed at tank trucks with less corrosive transport media. Corresponding anti-corrosive materials are used to coat the tank trucks. The isolation layer formed can play an anti-corrosive role. This kind of common anti-corrosion is more suitable for oil tank trucks, suction trucks, cleaning suction trucks, food tank trucks and so on.


2. Corrosion Protection of Porcelain Lining. This is also known as heavy corrosion protection, mainly for the protection of heavy chemical substances such as strong alkali, strong acid, salt and so on. The method of lining porcelain anticorrosion should first adopt sandblasting treatment, thorough degreasing, rusting oxide skin, manual procedure, then spray and lining porcelain, so that the layer and the base material can be firmly combined, so as to achieve long-term anticorrosive effect. Porcelain lining anticorrosion has the advantages of high temperature resistance, strong bonding, corrosion resistance to various acids, alkalis and salts, non-toxic and harmless, and long service life.


3. Long-term Anticorrosion of Metals. This kind of anticorrosion is mainly aimed at special anticorrosion with strong alkali, strong acid, high temperature resistance, antistatic and difficult anticorrosion. Special metal atomization spraying can be adopted according to different anticorrosion requirements to form a solid anticorrosion coating, so that its shelf life can reach 30 years. This anticorrosive material contains organic solvents. In the construction process, we must pay attention to ventilation, use explosion-proof lamp lighting, strictly prohibit open fire and so on. Safety measures must be in place.

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Although these anti-corrosion do not generally need users to do, but it is necessary to understand, so that when purchasing vehicles such as tank trucks, suction trucks, you can know whether its anti-corrosion is in place, and have a general understanding of the quality of the vehicle.