Attention should be paid to the parts where chassis is prone to failure

- Aug 26, 2019-

In fact, the chassis parts of oil tank truck are more likely to have problems than the engine in practical use, but in routine maintenance, many people often neglect the inspection of the chassis parts of oil tank truck. The trouble-prone parts of oil tank truck chassis are mainly concentrated in:

 6x2 rigid tank truck JAC chassis 20000L fuel tank_1

1. Shock absorber: Oil leakage is a precursor of damage to shock absorber of oil tank truck. In addition, the obvious increase of bump on bad road or the longer braking distance are also signs of damage to shock absorber.


2. Suspension control arm rubber sleeve: After the rubber sleeve is damaged, a series of faults such as deviation and swing will occur in the oil tank truck, even if the four-wheel positioning is not helpful. If the chassis is examined carefully, the damage of the rubber sleeve can be easily found.


3. Steering tie rod: Looseness of steering tie rod of oil tank truck is a serious potential safety hazard. Therefore, this part must be carefully checked during routine maintenance. The method is very simple: hold the pull rod and shake it vigorously. If there is no shaking, it means that everything is normal. Otherwise, the ball head or the pull rod assembly should be replaced.


4. Exhaust pipe: Exhaust pipe is one of the most easily damaged parts in the bottom of oil tank truck. Don't forget to take a look at it when overhauling. Especially the exhaust pipe with ternary catalytic converter should be examined carefully.

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5. Universal Joint Dust-proof Cover: Do not underestimate the dust-proof cover outside the universal joint of oil tank truck. It not only has dust-proof effect, but also prevents the loss of grease around the universal joint. Once the dust-proof cover is damaged, the grease will soon run off. Because of dry grinding, the universal joint of oil tank truck is easily damaged.