Attention should be paid to tire burst of special purpose vehicles

- Jul 08, 2019-

In summer, the weather is hot and the temperature rises, so it is the high incidence period of tire burst. Especially on highways, the same is true for special purpose vehicles. Vehicle tire burst is a common but unpredictable accident in road traffic. As a driver of a special vehicle, we must master some common sense of tire burst treatment, so that we can deal with tire burst calmly in the face of the problem.


First of all, we need to know the service life of tires. The service life of ordinary tires is 3 to 5 years. In the use process, bad driving habits, bad weather and road conditions, as well as improper maintenance will affect their life span.


If a tire burst occurs in a vehicle, the steering wheel can not be driven and the brake can not be slammed. For a tire burst accident, it is necessary to distinguish between front tire burst and rear tire burst. The situation is different, and the risk factor and operation method are also different.

 front tire

Front tire burst, The performance is feeling the steering wheel suddenly out of control, and serious headway deviation. Front tire burst will affect the driver's control of the steering wheel, which is very dangerous. At this time, the driver must grasp the steering wheel with both hands, not slam the direction, use light brake or inertia to slow down the vehicle slowly, avoid the tire and wheel ring detachment, and finally slow out of the lane, parking by the side.

 rear tire

The rear tire burst is characterized by the unsteady tail of the vehicle, which is very bumpy, but the direction is still under control. At this time, the driver has to grasp the steering wheel with both hands, slow braking with oil withdrawal and gear reduction, control the vehicle forward and steering, and pay attention to the vehicles passing behind, drive safely out of the lane and stop by the side.


After parking near the side with a flat tire, the first thing to do is to open double flash, get off under the condition of ensuring safety, place a warning sign 150 meters behind the vehicle, and place a warning sign at the corner or the place with bad sight, then quickly escape to the guardrail and call for help. Whether it is a special vehicle, van or semi-trailer, we should pay more attention to tire problems in peacetime to avoid tire explosion accidents.