Basic structure characteristics of chemical liquid transport vehicle

- Dec 10, 2019-

Chemical liquid transport vehicle (semi-trailer) is generally composed of vehicle (chassis of class II vehicle or trailer), tank assembly, filler cap, filling and unloading system, safety protection system, automatic insulation system (on demand), etc. Among them:  


(1) the tank assembly is mainly welded by the head, anti wave baffle (baffle), feeding port, discharging port, top walking platform protective fence, manhole and integral support seat. The tank can be made of carbon steel, carbon steel lined with rolling plastic, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, glass fiber reinforced plastic, full plastic (polyethylene), etc. The shape of the tank body is oval, square and round. It can be separated or stored separately (to separate different oil products, chemicals, liquid food).


(2) the safety protection system includes safety valve seat, liquid level gauge (seat), emergency cut-off valve seat and other auxiliary safety devices.


(3) filling and unloading system, including chemical liquid special pump, flowmeter, intelligent control system, etc.


(4) the paint color, nameplate, words and marks of the vehicle (tank body) shall be consistent with the installed medium.