Benefits of sprinkler with fog gun

- Jul 02, 2019-

Sprinkler trucks are equipped with fog gun sprayers, which can be used for dust removal, dust suppression and cooling in areas such as urban demolition sites, metallurgical iron and steel enterprises, mining areas, and urban air pollution dusts, and so on.


Benefits of sprinkler equipped with fog gun machine:

1. the automatic reset function is added. When the sprayer stops using, it will automatically reset to the original position, which saves the personnel's re adjustment and is convenient for transportation and placement.


2. The automatic discharge function is added. When the spray machine is not used for a long time, the discharge solenoid valve will automatically open, and the water in the pump will be released. Fog gun trucks in coal mines and stone factories prevent the freezing of water pumps in winter.


3. Power distribution cabinet is lightweight in design; the external wiring is connected by air plug, which is safe, firm, beautiful, generous and fashionable.


4. The matching power is flexible, which can be supplied by three-phase 380V municipal power or diesel generating set.


5. It can be fixed on the concrete platform, or it can be installed on the transport vehicle with the power supply of diesel generator set, or it can be used together with the sprinkler.