Bus steering system maintenance

- Dec 02, 2019-

1. Check the clearance of the ball joint every day.


2. Check the liquid level in the oil tank every 4000km.


3. Check the free rotation of the steering wheel every 1200km during maintenance, and the value shall not exceed 10 degrees to the left and right respectively in the middle position.


4. The steering fluid shall be replaced every 24000km, and all hydraulic components, oil tanks and pipelines shall be cleaned at the same time. Note: since there is a small filter screen of lubricating oil in the steering gear, the lubricating oil must be replaced in time, otherwise the steering will be jammed or heavy.


5. For power steering fluid, please refer to the operation manual. Generally, use 10 # aviation hydraulic oil, or use CD grade 15W / 40 oil instead.


6. When changing oil, first support the front axle, or remove the steering straight rod, add it to a proper position, and then turn the steering wheel back to exhaust. Note: be sure to exhaust, otherwise, if there is air bubble in the booster oil, there will be occasional "air steering".


7. In the process of oil change, make sure that the oil pump works at the lowest speed, continuously turn the steering wheel left and right to two limit positions, and after several times, all the air in the system can be discharged. Do not turn the steering wheel in place. Do not leave the steering wheel in the limit position of the steering gear for too long to avoid damaging the steering oil pump.