Causes of clutch slipping and troubleshooting

- Dec 05, 2019-

The causes and solutions of clutch slipping are as follows:


1. the free path of the clutch pedal is too small or there is no free path, which causes the release bearing to press on the release lever frequently, so that the clutch is in the state of half separation and half closing, resulting in slipping. At this time, adjust the pedal free path to the standard value.


2. the friction plate of clutch is seriously worn, and the rivet is exposed or ablated. At this time, replace the new friction plate or remove the old one, and rivet again.


3. the friction plate surface is stained with oil, which makes the friction coefficient of the working surface drop and slip. At this time, it can be cleaned with gasoline or alkaline water, and dried or dried with compressed air.


4. the clutch spring is softened by heating, and the pressing force drops, so it should be replaced at this time.


5. the oil return hole of the master cylinder is blocked. At this time, clean the master cylinder and dredge the oil return hole.


6. in addition, check the ablation, deformation and crack condition of pressure plate and flywheel.