Change the oil in time for the suction truck

- Oct 21, 2019-

The temperature drops suddenly in winter. As one of the sanitation vehicles, the suction truck cleans all kinds of dirt in the underpass calmly on the street. Compact structure, reasonable design and stable performance make the vehicle handy for sanitation work in sewer. It still needs good maintenance to maintain such stable performance. Next, I'll tell you about one of the maintenance of the suction truck in winter, in which oil needs to be replaced in time.

 suction truck

1. Change the oil. In low temperature, the viscosity of engine oil increases with the decrease of temperature, and the fluidity of engine oil becomes worse. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the engine oil with low viscosity in time to make up for or eliminate this adverse effect.


2. Replace the fuel with low freezing point and good fluidity. At low temperature, the viscosity of the fuel increases, the fluidity becomes poor, and the poor atomization tends to worsen the combustion process of the fuel, and the starting and power performance of the engine are obviously reduced. Therefore, the fuel with lower freezing point shall be selected when conditions permit. The general selection principle is that the freezing point of fuel oil is about 5 ℃ lower than the ambient temperature.


3. Replace all kinds of lubricating oil and grease used in winter. In winter, the transmission, final drive and steering gear shall be replaced with winter lubricating oil, and the hub bearing shall be replaced with low dropping point lubricating grease.