Check the hydraulic system of dump truck

- Aug 30, 2019-

In engineering construction and ore mining, dump trucks have always played an important role, and are generally heavy-duty, poor operating conditions, a large amount of wastage, so dump trucks are generally used for about three years. The cost of changing trucks is very high. In order to use their trucks longer and earn more wealth for themselves, we have prepared the tips for the maintenance of dump trucks, hoping to help the trucks users. The main difference between dump truck and general truck is lifting function. Hydraulic cylinder is very important, so it is very important to check the hydraulic system.


(1) Check the hydraulic oil quantity of dump truck, if there is insufficiency, replenish it in time, check whether the hydraulic system is damaged or leaked, and deal with it in time if necessary.


(2) Pay attention to and check the reliability of between the upper and lower support of hydraulic cylinder and the connection and fastening of connecting rod mechanism of dump truck. Observe whether the moving parts and their adjacent fixtures are abnormally damaged or deformed.


(3) Check the intact condition of dump truck carriage, sub-frame, spare frame, etc., pay special attention to check whether the weld seam is open welding, cracks and other phenomena.


(4) Check the working or wearing condition of the moving parts of the dump truck, such as gear pump, force extractor and hydraulic cylinder, and carry out maintenance, repair and replacement of the fragile parts.