Common Causes of Oil Leakage in Suction Vehicle

- Sep 14, 2019-

In the use of many special vehicles, oil leakage often occurs, such as the suction vehicle. It will directly affect the technical performance of the suction vehicle, resulting in the waste of lubricants and fuel, consumption of power, impact on vehicle cleanliness, and cause environmental pollution. Because of oil leakage and the reduction of lubricating oil in the machine, the lubrication of the parts is poor and the cooling is insufficient, which will cause the early damage of the parts and even leave the hidden danger of accidents.


Main Causes of Oil Leakage in Common Suction Vehicles


1. Poor product quality, material quality or process; structural design problems.

 suction vehicle

2. Improper assembly speed, unclean surface, damaged liner and displacement are not installed in accordance with the operating rules and regulations.


3. Uneven screw force of fastening nut, broken thread or loose and falling off lead to work failure.


4. After long-term use, the wear of sealing materials is over-limited, aging, deterioration, deformation and failure.


5. Too much lubricant, too high oil level or wrong oil.


6. Components (edge covers, thin-walled parts) are deformed and damaged on the jointing surface, which causes the oil to seep out.


7. After the blockage of the air plug and one-way valve, the oil leakage at the weak sealing place will often occur due to the effect of the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the case.