Correct maintenance of compression garbage truck

- Nov 27, 2019-

Many drivers buy compression garbage trucks, but they don't know how to maintain them, or they spend a lot of money because of the wrong maintenance methods. As follows, I sorted out the maintenance strategies of compression garbage trucks, please see if your maintenance of compression garbage trucks is right?


1. Wash the car body, wipe the glass and rear-view mirror; wash the garbage can, filler and waste water tank, and remove the residual garbage. When washing the car, do not spray water directly on the electrical components and oil tank air inlet.


2. Clean the sealing joint surface to ensure good sealing, and at the same time, avoid damaging the rubber sealing strip due to the solid or hard objects in the garbage.


3. Check the engine oil level and coolant level, and add if necessary.


4. After starting the engine, observe whether it operates normally, and check whether the automobile instrument, light, service brake, parking brake, steering system and power take-off are normal.


5. Check the liquid level of the hydraulic oil tank. The liquid level of the oil tank shall not be lower than the minimum height indicated by the oil mark. If the oil is not enough, add oil. Inspection method: the bulldozer oil cylinder and sliding plate oil cylinder are in the fully retracted position, the scraper oil cylinder is in the fully extended position, and the filler is in the closed state.


6. Check the operation device control, electric control button and sensor. If there is any problem, adjust or replace it in time.


7. Check the whole vehicle for oil leakage, water leakage and air leakage.


8. Check whether the tire nuts, bolts, nuts and pin shafts are loose; check the tire appearance and air pressure.


9. Remove the fault on that day.