Correct Use of Direction Assistance of Guardrail Cleaning truck

- Jul 16, 2019-

It's very common for guardrail cleaning truck loading direction assistance, but it doesn't take long for many users to find that their guardrail cleaning truck direction assistance is broken. In order to avoid this unnecessary trouble, I will teach you how to use direction assistance of the guardrail cleaning truck correctly.

 guardrail cleaning truck

1. Before installing the direction assistance of the guardrail cleaning truck, the joint of the inlet and outlet and the whole steering pipeline system should be carefully checked to ensure smooth flow and no pollutants. If oil contamination occurs, clean oil should be used to clean the whole pipeline system. The diameter of the pipeline system should be arranged according to the design standard. It should not be too thin, too long and too much bending to cause greater resistance, so as to insufficient oil absorption and smooth drainage.


2. Correct connection of oil inlet and outlet must not be reversed. All connections must be tightened. Leakage of gas and oil is strictly prohibited in pipeline system. Inhalation of air in the system will produce noise and unstable pressure, which will affect the use of the system.


3. After the pump is installed, pay attention to check the amount of oil in the kettle.


4. Start the engine and turn the steering wheel several times with the greatest left and right at idle speed to eliminate the air in the steering system (until there are no bubbles in the oil kettle). Otherwise, there will be abnormal noise.


5. As a component, the steering pump is not allowed to be disassembled in principle. If disassembly is to be done, it must be qualified by the test bench before it can be used.