Correct Use of Gear Oil for Sewage Suction Truck

- Aug 26, 2019-

1. Sewage suction truck gear oil filling should be appropriate. Be sure to add the amount of fuel calibrated in the manual to the calibration line.

 sewage suction truck

2. All kinds of gear oils for sewage suction trucks should not be mixed. When changing oil, don't use gear oil with different oil number from the original vehicle, let alone lower grade gear oil.


3. Gear oils with viscosities appropriate to atmospheric temperature should be used.


4. Change the gear oil of the suction truck regularly. Replace the new oil strictly according to the maintenance cycle stipulated in the manual for the use of sanitation vehicles.


5. Attention should be paid to the sealing and ventilation of the gear oil parts of the sewage suction truck. The joint parts of transmission, rear axle and steering gear must be kept well sealed. The fixed bolts of each part must be checked and tightened frequently, and the ventilation plugs (holes) should be kept unblocked.