Correct Use of Hydraulic Oil for Small Crane

- Sep 17, 2019-

Do you know how to use hydraulic oil correctly for small cranes? Next, I will introduce the correct use of hydraulic oil for small cranes:


1. Clean the hydraulic system before changing oil for small crane. Hydraulic system must be thoroughly cleaned before each use of hydraulic oil. When replacing the same type of hydraulic oil, it should also be flushed with new hydraulic oil 1-2 times.

 small cranes

2. Hydraulic oil of small crane should not be mixed at will. A brand of hydraulic oil, without the consent of the equipment manufacturer and without scientific basis, can not be arbitrarily mixed with different brands of hydraulic oil, let alone with other types of hydraulic oil.


3. Small crane should pay attention to the good sealing of hydraulic system. Hydraulic systems must be tightly sealed to prevent leakage and the mixing of dust, debris and water from the outside world.


4. When adding new oil to a small crane, it must be filtered according to the requirements.


5. Replace hydraulic oil in time according to oil change index.