Correct Use of Oil to Protect Small Sprinkler Engine(1)

- May 13, 2019-

1、It is necessary to use oil with appropriate quality grade, which is the key to ensure the normal operation of the engine.

2、Temporary use of alternative oils should strengthen observation. If the oil supply is not timely or there is no suitable oil, we can use alternative oils temporarily, but we have to strengthen observation when we use it. Pay attention to the quality of oil and whether the oil filter is blocked or not, and stop when problems are found.

3、Oils with appropriate viscosity should be selected according to local temperature,it is wrong that the higher the viscosity, the better the oil. Because the viscosity is too high, the oil flow is too slow when starting, which can easily aggravate the wear and tear of the machine parts and even cause tile burning accidents.

4、When changing oil, the old oil should be thoroughly discharged so as not to pollute the newly added oil, which will lead to rapid deterioration of the new oil and corrosive wear and tear of the engine. In general, waste oil is discharged at high temperature, then washed oil is added (85% ordinary oil and 15% gasoline mixed), idle running for 10 minutes after starting, then discharged, and finally new clean oil is added.

5、The corrosive gases entering the crankcase from the combustion chamber can oxidize the engine oil and pollute the engine, so it is necessary to keep the crankcase well ventilated.