Correct Use of Oil to Protect Small Sprinkler Engine(2)

- May 14, 2019-

6、Keep the normal oil level. When the oil quantity is insufficient, it will not only accelerate the deterioration of the oil, but also cause the burning of the parts due to the lack of oil. On the contrary, if oil quantity is too much, oil will run into the combustion chamber along the gap between cylinder wall and piston ring, causing the engine to burn oil. Besides, excessive oil level increases the agitation resistance of oil, increases fuel consumption and worsens wear.

7、Regular maintenance of oil filter. Regular inspection and maintenance of oil filters, timely replacement of filter elements, the driver should be aware of.

8、Change oil regularly according to quality. Any quality of oil, after using a certain mileage, some physical and chemical indicators change, will bring harm to the engine, leading to faults, so oil should be changed regularly according to  quality.

9、When using thickening oil, the oil pressure is slightly lower than that general oil of the same brand. Because the viscosity of thickening oil is good, it has higher viscosity at high temperature and lower viscosity at low temperature. In the normal temperature range of the engine, the viscosity is slightly lower, so a slightly lower pressure is a normal phenomenon.

10、When using year-round general oil or thickening oil in winter, ordinary oil should not be added to avoid affecting low temperature startability. Adding regular oil step by step in spring or when changing to ordinary oil.