Correct use of truck mounted crane

- Dec 14, 2019-

Truck mounted crane is a kind of equipment which can lift, rotate and lift goods through hydraulic lifting and expansion system. It is usually assembled on the truck. Car maintenance is of great significance for a truck mounted crane driver. Do you know the correct way to use the truck mounted crane? Please look down with me:


1. check whether the nut, cotter pin and locating plate on the brake are complete and loose, the lever and spring are free of cracks, the pin bolt and buffer washer on the brake wheel are loose and complete, and the brake is reliable. When the brake is opened, the opening of the brake pad shall be less than 1.0mm and the distance between the brake pad and both sides of the brake wheel shall be equal, and each axle pin shall not be stuck.


2. check whether the safety protection switch and limit switch are positioned accurately, work flexibly and reliably, especially whether the rising limit is reliable.


3. check whether the winding of the steel wire rope on the drum and pulley is normal, whether there is any phenomenon such as grooving, stringing, knotting and twisting, whether the steel wire rope pressing plate bolt is tight, and whether there is a double nut locking device.


4. check whether the fastening screws on the seal cover of the coupling of the lifting mechanism are loose and short.


5. check whether the transmission of each mechanism is normal and whether there is abnormal noise.


6. check whether all lubrication parts are in good condition.


7. check whether there are any foreign matters hindering the operation of the bridge crane on the track.