Daily Maintenance Skills of Oil Tank truck

- Jul 05, 2019-

The so-called oil tank truck maintenance is mainly aimed at the real-time replacement of vulnerable parts such as tank, refueller, Refueling gun, oil pump, tire, engine surface, lubrication and so on, referred to as oil tank truck maintenance. Its main purpose is to ensure the technical status and beautiful body of the vehicle, actively prevent the premature degradation of the vehicle and prolong the service life.


1. When cleaning vehicles, avoid cleaning in hot days, because tank surface at high temperature sudden contact with the cold water can easily accelerate the damage of the paint surface. It should also be noted that after using the detergent, it should be washed with water to avoid leaving traces when the detergent is dried. Usually, special detergent and neutral live water should be used to wash vehicles by hand, and alkaline laundry detergent, soap water and detergent should not be used to prevent the grease from being washed off and accelerate the ageing of the paint surface.


2. To minimize the vehicle body static electricity on the dust adsorption; before, during and after the use of oil tank trucks, it is necessary to remove the dust on tank and refueller on time to avoid accelerating corrosive oxidation.


3. Remove highly corrosive traces (such as bird droppings, insects, mud, etc.) on time. When cleaning, try to use detergent, not gasoline, etc. because this is high risk factor for oil tanks, carelessness may bring security risks.


4. Rainwater acidic substances generally indirectly increase, rain stains on the car body will gradually reduce, if not wash the rain stains as soon as possible with clean water will damage the paint, so wash on time after the rain.


5. Cleaning vehicles should be gently wiped from top to bottom along the direction of water flow, and should not draw circles and wipe horizontally. Clean the vehicle as far as possible using soft sponge to scrub the vehicle, to prevent the sand and metal particles adhering to the dry cloth, towel and sponge from scratching the vehicle paint to leave scars.