Daily Maintenance Skills of Refrigerated Trucks

- Aug 23, 2019-

Refrigerator truck bought home, not only to drive, but also to maintain, good car maintenance can be used longer. Now I will talk about the refrigerated truck daily maintenance six knowledgeable skills:


1. Before loading the goods, the goods and carriages should be pre-cooled beforehand.

The refrigeration unit will keep the temperature of the goods after loading. If the goods with higher temperature are put into the carriage directly, it will be more difficult to reduce the temperature in the carriage to the predetermined temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to pre-cool the goods and the carriage before loading the goods.

 Refrigerated Truck

2. Pay attention to keeping the cool air circulation in the carriage smooth during loading.

In order to keep the temperature in the carriage balanced, we must pay full attention to the position of the goods. We should not load the goods all the way to the top of the carriage, nor let the goods block the outlet and entrance of the air conditioner. Otherwise, the goods in the middle of the carriage will deteriorate and rot easily because the air does not flow.


3. Loading and unloading cargo should be done promptly

After the door of the refrigerated truck is opened, the external air flow will flow into the body of the car, which will lead to the temperature rise in the body, affect the quality of the goods, and increase the operating load of the refrigeration unit, increase the fuel consumption; therefore, the loading and unloading of the goods should be rapid, and at this time, the refrigeration unit should stop working.


4. Careful shipping of green vegetables and fruits

If the air-conditioning cycle inside the compartment is not good, the temperature in the center of the goods will rise, so it is easy to damage the quality of green vegetables and fruits, so special attention should be paid to making the air-conditioning cycle smooth and balanced. In addition, goods close to the air-conditioning outlet are easily frostbitten by the air-conditioning, so goods must be shielded with sheets and other items in advance.


5. Always keep the compartment clean

If the salts, fats and other chemicals in the cargo are attached to the inside of the carriage or outside the door crack, it will not only be unsanitary, but also corrode the carriage and shorten the service life of the carriage. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the carriage clean all the time.


6. Maintain and repair the system correctly.

The vehicle refrigeration system should be carefully repaired and maintained in accordance with the instructions. In addition, vehicles should not be used for other purposes, such as transportation of general goods.