Difference between Pesticide Sprinkler and General Sprinkler

- Aug 14, 2019-

Speaking of pesticide Sprinkler, many people may not know very well. We usually have relatively few contacts. Pesticide sprinkler is also a member of the sprinkler family, belongs to a kind of sprinkler, so what is the difference between pesticide sprinkler and our common sprinkler?

 Multifunctional sprinkler


In appearance, it's almost the same. Green and white are the main colors. Two red and white bars are placed at the bottom of both sides to remind people to stay away. But the difference is that the common sprinkler used for washing and sanitation on the road surface, the outlet is located on both sides of the chassis under the truck or under the rear of the truck, while the pesticide sprinkler is on the above, and the outlet is a flexible cylindrical nozzle.


Scope of application

Pesticide sprinkler is also widely used, mainly for trees, green belts, lawns, residential green spraying pesticides. Pesticide sprinkler can not only be used in the field of greening, but also in the field of agriculture. As a big agricultural country, many rural areas are contracted planting on a large scale. So such a large area of farmland only depends on the industrious hands of farmers to fertilize and medicate crops, the efficiency is very low and the labor cost is very large. Agricultural sprinkler provide a lot of convenience and efficiency for these contractors.



It is generally assembled from large trucks and large tanks. The external size of the tank is about 3000*1500*1000. The volume of the tank is very large and its capacity is relatively large. Generally, the capacity of about 4 cubic meters can meet the daily work.



The brand of pesticide sprinkler is also varied, and there are some deviations in the price of each brand of pesticide sprinkler. The exterior color and details of the truck body can also be customized according to the customer's requirements. For example, sprinkler trucks in different cities will be printed with the names of local cities to distinguish and publicize their own cities.

common sprinkler

Pesticide sprinkler liberates the hands of environmental sanitation workers and crop workers, greatly improves the efficiency of work, and receives a wide range of favorites such as greening, agriculture and so on. However, there are certain matters needing attention in the course of its work, such as warning citizens or residents of residential areas before carrying out pesticide spraying work, and doing a good job of corresponding preventive measures. In the process of spraying pesticides, avoid unnecessary troubles to pedestrians and cyclists.