Documents for dangerous goods transport vehicles

- May 31, 2019-

Dangerous goods transport vehicles include oil tank trucks, liquid tank trucks, dangerous chemicals transport trucks and chemical vehicles. Generally speaking, individuals can not purchase licensed dangerous goods transport vehicles, and they need to be attached to companies with qualifications for dangerous goods transport. Before we buy this truck, we need to know which documents we need to prepare. Here are two aspects for you to introduce:


First of all, the documents that must be held by dangerous goods transport vehicles are:

1. Road Transport Certificate issued by the Transport Authority(special stamps for the transport of dangerous goods by road must be affixed).

2. Effective driving license issued by public security vehicle management department.

3. Effective certificate of tank quality inspection issued by quality and technical supervision department.

4. Highway transport pass for highly toxic chemicals (transport of highly toxic chemicals).

5. Hang up dangerous traffic lights and signs issued by traffic departments as required.


Secondly, the practitioners of dangerous goods transportation must have the necessary documents:

1. Driver: valid driving license issued by public security department; business road transport driver (dangerous goods transport) qualification certificate issued by traffic authority.

2. Supercargo: road dangerous goods operation certificate (supercargo's certificate) issued by the traffic authority.