Driving guide during the rainy season.

- Jun 30, 2020-

Driving guide during the rainy season.

Keep a good view.

When driving on a rainy day, in addition to careful driving, turn on the wipers in time, and turn on the low beam light and anti-fog light when the weather is dim. If there is frost on the front windshield, turn on the cold air and blow the cold air toward the front windshield.


Prevent the wheels from slipping sideways.

When driving in the rain, skidding is likely to occur. Drivers and friends should drive straight and at a low speed as much as possible. When turning, they should step on the brakes slowly to prevent the tires from locking and causing the vehicle to slip. Keep calm when side slipping occurs, and never cause accidents due to panic. Low speed, slow braking, slow direction, and slow speed, these four points need to keep in mind.


Watch for pedestrians.

Affected by rain, pedestrians, cyclists have limited sight, hearing, reaction, etc. Sometimes in order to hurry and cross the road, they often slip and panic when the vehicle is approaching, making the driver unprepared. When faced with this situation, Card Friends should slow down and patiently avoid.


Turn on the lights in time.

On rainy nights, turning on the low beam lights can also turn on the front fog lights without turning on the high beam lights. The front fog lights can ensure that you have a better view, and can minimize the impact on the vision of other drivers. On the roads with fewer vehicles, you can turn on the high beam lights again to give you a greater range of sight, and turn off the high beam lights when there is a car coming from the opposite side.


Goods protection.

In the transportation industry, the protection of goods is also very important. Before getting on the car, you should check whether the rain cloth is damaged and whether the rain cloth is fixed firmly.