dual clutch transmission of the suction truck

- Nov 21, 2019-

The frequently mentioned dual clutch transmission of the suction truck, dual clutch Description: as the name implies, there are two sets of clutch systems in the dual clutch transmission. The working principle of double clutch transmission is actually very simple. When we drive in the first gear, the gears of the second gear will be automatically combined and ready to work at any time, just like someone in the manual gear helps you step on the other clutch in advance and put the second gear in place. When it is necessary to shift, only need to separate the first gear clutch and combine the second gear clutch at the same time to complete the shift, which saves the time of putting into gear. The advantages of the dual clutch transmission of the suction truck are as follows:


1. Shift quickly. The shift time of double clutch transmission is very short, faster than that of manual transmission, only less than 0.2 seconds.


2. Fuel saving. The dual clutch transmission can save a lot of fuel because it eliminates the interruption of torque, that is to say, the power of the engine is always used and the best work is always done. Compared with the traditional planetary automatic gearbox, it is more conducive to improve fuel economy, and the fuel consumption can be reduced by about 15%.


3. Comfort. Because of the fast shifting speed, every shift of DCT is very smooth, and the sense of frustration has become so small that it is hard for human body to detect.


4. There is almost no torque loss during shifting.


5. When the high gear is in the ready state, the gear up speed is extremely fast, reaching an amazing 8 milliseconds.


6. No matter what the throttle or operation mode is, the shift time can reach at least 600 ms (it takes about 900 milliseconds to downshift from odd to odd or even, for example, from fifth to third gear).