Eight Tips for Direction Deviation of Oil Tank Truck

- Sep 16, 2019-

Running deviation is a common problem in the operation of oil tank trucks. In order to drive safely, once the problem of running deviation of oil tank trucks occurs, it must be solved. Let's share eight major surveys to solve the problem of direction deviation of oil tank trucks.


1. Misalignment of four-wheel alignment. In most cases, it can be solved by four-wheel positioning, but if four-wheel positioning can not be solved, it must be caused by other reasons.


2. The tread pattern on both sides is different or the tread pattern is different in depth and height. It is better to use the same type of tire in the whole car. At least the front and rear axles of the two tires must be the same, and the pattern depth must be the same, and must be replaced when exceeding the wear limit.

 oil tank truck

3. The tire pressure varies from side to side. Unequal tire pressure will make the tire different in size and will inevitably run off when rolling.


4. Spring deformation of front shock absorber results in inconsistent cushioning on both sides. The quality of shock absorber spring can be judged by comparing after pressing or disassembling.


5. Failure of front shock absorber. When the front shock absorber fails, the two suspensions are one high and one low in the running of the vehicle, and the force is not uniform, which leads to deviation. The absorbency of the shock absorber can be measured by a special shock absorber tester, and the quality of the shock absorber can be judged. If there is no condition, the shock absorber can be disassembled, it can be judged by pulling method.


6. Abnormal clearance exists in the chassis parts of oil tank truck when they are worn too much. Steering tie rod ball head, support arm rubber sleeve and stabilizer rod rubber sleeve are common parts with excessive clearance, which should be carefully checked by lifting vehicles.


7. A wheel brake return separation is not complete. This is equivalent to partial braking on one side of the wheel all the time, and the vehicle will inevitably run off. When checking, you can feel the temperature of the hub. If a wheel exceeds many other wheels, it shows that the brake of the wheel does not return well.


8. Overall deformation of frame. The wheelbase difference between the two sides is too large to exceed the maximum allowable range, which can be measured by tape gauge; if exceeding the range, the calibration table must be used to correct it.