Eight tips in Operation and Use of Sewage Suction Tsruck

- Jul 03, 2019-

1. The suction of the sewage suction truck depends on the vacuum pump, so the vacuum pump is very important. We have to keep the suitable speed of the vacuum pump, if the speed of the vacuum pump is too high, the heating of the rotor will increase. If the speed is too low, it will cause additional impact on the engine and parts, which will affect the service life. In order to achieve a suitable working speed, the optimal position of the hand throttle should be adjusted according to the pump type in advance.


2. The best choice for discharging contaminants is in a flat place. The sewage suction truck is usually equipped with lifting dump system and can dump and unload contaminants by itself. Therefore, it is forbidden to unload contaminants in uneven or even inclined areas when dumping. Dumping and tipping tanks on inclined roads will cause distortions of various components, and may cause rollover accidents.


3. Open the back cover of the tank body first when discharging contaminants, release the locking bolt before unloading, lift the back cover door to an appropriate angle, and prohibit lifting the tank body when the back cover is closed when the tank body is full, otherwise, the center of gravity will move backward, which will easily lead to rollover accident.


4. When the oil pump and vacuum pump take power, the engine idles, completely stepping on the clutch pedal, slowly loosening the clutch pedal after opening the power take-off switch.


5. Vacuum and oil pumps are in a stop state when the sewage suction truck is running.


6. It is forbidden to use sewage suction trucks to inhale and transport waste oil and dangerous substances in order to avoid serious accidents such as fire and explosion. After all, safety is the most important thing.


7. When the tank body of the sewage suction truck is lifted and enters the bottom of the tank or is overhauled, support rods and safety blocks must be used.


8. When the sewage suction truck is transporting dirt, the speed of the vehicle should be kept at medium or slow speed, and no sharp turning or braking, because there is usually no wave barrier in the tank of the small sewage suction truck, and the center of gravity of the whole truck is relatively high.