Excessive water content of engine oil for maintenance of suction trucks

- Nov 18, 2019-

The manufacturer of the suction truck suggests that the engine oil containing excessive water should be avoided as much as possible, and the water contained in the engine oil should be found as early as possible, so as to avoid the damage to the engine caused by the excessive water in the engine oil. In actual use, we can judge whether there is excessive water in the engine oil of the suction truck by some simple methods.


1. Color observation method: the engine oil with the cleanliness up to standard of the suction truck is translucent. With water in the oil, the transparency will decrease. When the engine is running for a period of time, the oil is milky white with foam.


2. Combustion method: put the copper mesh into the inspected engine oil after it is cooked. If there is a "crackling" sound, it means that the engine oil contains more water. The inspected oil can also be injected into the test tube for heating. When the temperature is close to 80-100 ℃, there will be a "crackle" sound in the test tube, which also proves that the oil contains more water.


3. Drain method: after the engine of the suction truck stops, let the engine stand for about 30 minutes, loosen the drain plug, if there is water, it means that there is more water in the engine oil.


When there is more water in the engine oil of the suction truck, the lubricity of the engine oil will become worse, and the viscosity will decrease. If it is light, it will lead to premature deterioration of the engine oil and rusting of the parts; if it is heavy, it will lead to serious mechanical accidents such as engine axle holding and tile burning.