Extending the Service Life of Warehouse Barrier Truck

- Sep 27, 2019-

Warehouse Barrier Truck, a special type of vehicle mainly used for cargo transportation. Vehicles are frequently used, because their working nature is mainly transportation operations, so compared with other vehicles, the driving mileage will be longer and the outgoing rate will be higher. This requires that vehicles need to be maintained and repaired in a shorter period in order to ensure the good transport performance of vehicles.


(1) Body waxing and glazing. The acid component in rainwater has strong corrosion to automobile paint. Therefore, in rainy season, waxing and glazing of automobile body must be carried out in order to protect the surface of automobile.

 Warehouse Barrier Truck

(2) Chassis anti-rust. Paint removal, chassis is near the ground, easy to corrode, so we must pay attention to vehicle chassis cleaning and rust treatment.


(3) Trailer disinfection. In rainy season, the interior of vehicles is cleaned to avoid the harm of various bacteria to human body.


(4) Check the circuit in time. Vehicle electrical system should be checked frequently in rainy season to avoid leakage failure.


(5) Heating regularly. Turn on the heater and it will be mildewed. When the sun shines, you can stop in the sun and expose it. Open the windows and let the air convection.