Factors of high fuel consumption of truck

- Oct 24, 2019-

In recent years, with the continuous increase of domestic oil price, the average price of gasoline and diesel oil has reached 70 yuan / ton, and fuel saving can greatly save costs, but also become the advantage of vehicles. To know how to save fuel, first of all, we need to know why trucks consume fuel. Let's have a brief understanding.


Driving style

The above factors are the objective reasons for automobile design and production. In fact, the key factor of automobile fuel consumption is still in people. The driving habits and styles of people largely determine the fuel consumption of vehicles.


Vehicle self weight

Perhaps the most intuitive impact on vehicle fuel consumption is the vehicle's self weight, which means that the fuel consumption of the vehicle with large self weight is high, and the fuel consumption of the vehicle with small self weight is low.


Tyre type

Generally speaking, the larger the tire size is, the more expensive the fuel is, and the smaller the tire size is, the more fuel-efficient it is. Therefore, changing the tire must be considered comprehensively.


Drag coefficient

The difference of drag coefficient has great influence on the fuel consumption of vehicles during driving. For example, when the car is driving at high speed, the fuel consumption of opening and not opening the window is very different, even more different than turning on the air conditioner through closing the window. Very simply, windowing has made the drag coefficient of vehicles much more artificially increased.



Advanced or mature engines can achieve low fuel consumption. Therefore, we should not just be optimistic about new engines but also about aging engines.


Transmission case

Sometimes, it is not good to have a good engine. It is necessary to have smooth and mature transmission technology to make the engine power continuously output, and achieve the purpose of average distribution of power to save fuel.