Five Misconceptions of Air Conditioning for Refrigerated Truck in Summer

- Jul 09, 2019-

refrigerated truck 2

1. Turn on the air conditioning immediately after getting on truck

In the hot summer, the refrigerated truck is exposed to sunlight, and the temperature in the truck is as high as 40-60 degrees Celsius. Many truck owners often turn on the air conditioning as soon as they get on the truck and use it for a long time, which will cause damage to the vehicle. And some truck owners, in the process of using air conditioning, open windows, not only waste energy consumption, but also ineffective. The best way is that the truck owner has just entered the refrigerated truck, if he feels that the temperature in the refrigerated truck is higher, he can open the window to ventilate, reduce the temperature in the car through the flow of air inside and outside the car, and then turn on the air conditioning to cool down.


2. The internal circulation opens to the end

Internal circulation refrigeration effect is good and fuel-saving, so some owners only use air conditioning internal circulation system. In fact, such a long time will lead to worse and worse air quality and lower oxygen content in the truck. It will not only do great harm to the respiratory system of the refrigerated truck owners, but also cause dizziness and hypoxia of drivers and passengers in some extreme conditions. Therefore, the correct use of the air conditioning system is very important.


3. Air conditioning is in dormancy for a long time

Long-term shelve damage to air conditioning is very obvious, and easy to breed many molds, affecting the air quality in the truck. Air conditioning system is the most serious air pollution place in the car, and if not used for a period of time, it may appear "mildew" and emit a bad smell. In addition, when the weather is good, the truck can be driven to the outdoor open area, the doors and windows are all opened, the car air conditioning is opened in the external circulation state, the air volume is maximized, and then lasts for 10 to 20 minutes. If there are molds, the air conditioning filter can only be replaced in time to clean the air duct of the vehicle air conditioning. Compared with the "sunglasses" function of automobile film sticking, the function of air conditioning filter element is more similar to that of automobile mask, and it also needs timely cleaning and replacement.


4. Air conditioning is dirty and unclean to wash

Refrigerated truck air conditioning should remember to wash regularly. If money is saved and not cleaned properly, it will bring great harm to human health over time.


5. Turn on the air conditioning and stop the truck for rest

Parking, shutting windows and opening air conditioning rest, the engine will slow down, gasoline combustion incomplete and produce harmful substances such as carbon monoxide, connected with closed windows, human exhaled carbon dioxide increased, oxygen decreased, easy headache, chest tightness, or even suffocation. Truck carriage is a closed space, even if it opens the external circulation, automobile exhaust is easy to enter the truck through the external circulation, increasing carbon monoxide, bringing potential safety hazards.