Four Points for Correct Maintenance of Truck-mounted Crane Tires

- Sep 10, 2019-

The tire is an important part of the truck mounted crane. Its technical condition directly affects the traction, stability, safety, comfort and economy of the truck mounted crane. Usually, the experienced truck mounted crane users can analyze the causes of abnormal wear of the tire and take corresponding countermeasures to prevent tire abnormal wear, prolong the service life, save costs, improve the efficiency of the crane and ensure safe operation. Too high or too low tire pressure, overload operation, poor positioning of four wheels, unskillful driving by drivers, unreasonable selection and installation of tyres and damage to external hard objects will reduce the service life of truck mounted crane tires. Below teaches you the correct maintenance of truck mounted crane tires:


1. Strictly abide by the tyre inflation standard stipulated by the manufacturer. After inflation, check whether there is air leakage in all parts of the truck mounted crane, and check the tyre pressure regularly to ensure that the tyre pressure of the truck mounted crane meets the standard under any condition.


2. Correct selection and installation of truck mounted crane tires, pay attention to the matching of the corresponding inner tube according to the specifications of truck mounted crane tires.


3. After using the truck mounted crane for a period of time, the front and rear tyres of the truck mounted crane are transposed by cross or cycle method according to the different working environment.


4. Attention should be paid to controlling the tire temperature of the truck mounted crane. When it is found that the tire temperature of the truck mounted crane is very high, the truck mounted crane will be parked in a shady place, and the operation will be carried out after the temperature of the truck mounted crane decreases.