Gear irregularity of gearbox of flat-plate truck

- Aug 09, 2019-

The gearboxes of flat-plate trucks are basically manual gearboxes, which have advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are high transmission efficiency, simple structure and easy maintenance. The disadvantage is that when used for a long time, there will be some phenomena, such as heavy gearing of flat-plate trucks or the fact that the gears are always not in place or misgeared. What is the reason for the uneven gearbox of flat-plate trucks? Below by flat-plate truck manufacturer to help you find the reasons:

 flat-plate truck

1. Wear of gear rod or ball head: There are many ball heads from below the gear rod to the top of the transmission of flat-panel truck. Because we always need to change gear every day when driving, the ball head is easy to wear and tear, and sway is found to change in time.


2. Transmission rod pulling line: Now a large part of flat-plate trucks are designed with gearbox pulling line. The pulling line will become longer and longer after a long time, which will lead to the difficulty of hanging the gears in place. Replace the cable as soon as possible if the problem is found.


3. Whether the pedestal screw of the gear rod is shaking or not: Whether the gear rod is positioned on the cab of the flat-plate truck or on the engine, there will be fixed screw. If the pedestal screw is loose, it will also cause the difficulty of gearing.


4. Check the gear box spline sleeve and spline shaft: Serious wear of the end cover spline sleeve or spline shaft of the upper cover of the gearbox will directly lead to the difficulty of gearing or even the failure to gear up.


5. Check the solenoid valve: Check whether the pin of the solenoid valve of the small cover switch of the gearbox of the flat-plate truck is damaged. Finally, the fixed springs on both sides of the lower cover are cleaned.