How do concrete mixer trucks spend the hot summer?

- Jul 04, 2019-

Concrete mixer truck is short for mixer truck. In construction site, mixer truck is the most common engineering vehicle. It mainly transports concrete for construction. The mixer truck transports concrete with scientific proportion, more uniform mixing, and high efficiency of mixer truck. Therefore, it is popular with users. In the four seasons of the year, spring and autumn are very beneficial to mixers and drivers, but in winter and summer, it is not so good. With the increase of temperature in summer, the probability of mixer failure will increase. In order to reduce the failure rate of mixer in summer, we need to do a good job of prevention in advance. Barriers strangle in the bud.


1. First of all, the daily maintenance of the mixer truck should be done well. The driver of the mixer truck should regularly carry out comprehensive maintenance of the mixe truckr, timely replace the "three filters" and oil of the engine, replace or adjust the belt, and check whether the performance of fans, water tanks, generators and compressors is good. If necessary, they should be maintained, replaced or repaired.


2. Secondly, it is necessary to improve the oil viscosity of mixer truck, check whether the cooling system and fuel system are smooth, and replace the aging wires, plugs, oil tube and screw, tighten the fuel pipeline to prevent fuel leakage. clean up the oil and dust of the engine body regularly to ensure that the engine is "lightly loaded" and has good heat dissipation. The engine oil and lubricating oil need to be replaced with the oil used in summer. Check it regularly and replenish it in time when it is insufficient.


3. It is necessary to replenish the battery liquid in time and ensure that the circuit joint is firm and reliable. In addition, the aging circuit needs to be replaced, and the fuse capacity should meet the requirements of safe use.


4. When mixer truck is not in use, try to park in a cool place to avoid direct sunlight and exposure to the mixer body. Reduce the tire pressure properly in order to prevent tire explosion accident at work.


Mixer truck in summer use must pay attention to the above points, the vehicle maintenance in place, so that it can bring you greater benefits!