How many cubic meters of concrete does the mixer pull without overload?

- Jul 01, 2020-

    Before determining whether a mixer truck is overloaded, we need to understand the following three concepts: What do geometric volume, mixing volume and mixer volume mean?

  1. Geometric volume: the actual geometric volume of the mixing tank, which refers to the volume calculated by the mathematical method during the design of the mixing tank. 

   2. Mixing volume: As for the horizontal position of the mixer truck, the mixing bucket can accommodate the largest unmixed concrete materials (including water), and can be mixed out to the amount of concrete (based on the volume after tamping), which is the mixer truck The maximum capacity that can load concrete material mixture (including water, cement, sand, etc.) without leakage. In general, the few cubic mixers we call every day refer to the mixing volume.

   3. Volume of mixer truck: the amount of ready-mixed concrete that can be transported by the mixer truck (in terms of tamped volume) can be regarded as the amount of concrete that can be unloaded when the mixer truck arrives at the project site. Considering that the mixing drum will tilt when going uphill, the volume of the mixing truck is the smallest.

The numerical value of the three should be: geometric volume > mixing volume > volume of mixer truck.