How to choose antifreeze for special cars

- Dec 22, 2019-

1. smell

Green glycol antifreeze is commonly used, so be sure to smell any odor when buying.

If there is an odor, it may have passed the shelf life or stored for too long, or it may be mixed with other liquids, so be careful.

Many unscrupulous traders will add some inferior alcohols to the antifreeze, which will have a pungent smell. Not only will it not function as an antifreeze maintenance cooling system, but it will also cause damage to the engine system of special vehicles.


2. Observe the packaging

When buying antifreeze, many antifreezes that look better in packaging are good brand products. In fact, antifreezes made by many unscrupulous vendors and some inferior manufacturers also look quite good. In the product, we couldn't tell it all at once.

But they are usually filled by hand. Therefore, the sealing performance is relatively poor. Therefore, when purchasing antifreeze, you must carefully observe and find that the seal is poor, and do not buy it if there is liquid spillage inside.


Usually the antifreeze replacement time is recommended to be about 2 years. Different brands, different colors, different ingredients cannot be mixed. Now that the weather is getting colder and colder, the vehicle's antifreeze and overhaul work should be done as soon as possible, and of course don't forget to replace the antifreeze!