How to choose concrete mixing truck

- Aug 21, 2020-

Concrete mixing tank truck is one of the common engineering trucks, which can be seen in all kinds of infrastructure projects.For the novice car buyer, the complexity of the vehicle parameters can be bewildering. Here are a few considerations to help you think more professionally about a mixing tank truck.

1.    Quality of the tank: basically is the thickness that points to tank body, it is the manganese plate of 6mm commonly now, if below this thickness proposal, do not consider.

2.    Volume: The capacity of concrete mixing tank truck is a basic parameter. The larger the capacity, the more concrete is loaded, and the more expensive the price of the mixing tank truck is.If according to how much per cubic concrete for transportation, then choose a large capacity concrete mixing tank truck is better;If it is a monthly transport, 10 square mixing tank trucks can meet the basic needs.


3.    Tire: There are several specifications of concrete mixing tank tires, big car with a big tire, small car with a small tire, basically not wrong.The main tire material is divided into nylon tire and steel tire, the life of steel tire is 2 times that of nylon tire, the price is much higher.

4.    Chassis: The choice is very much, each chassis has its advantage inferior, the proposal is from brand, price, public praise, decelerator, hydraulic pump, gearbox and so on many respects are integrated consideration.

5.    Rear axle: If the road surface in the transportation is relatively flat, basically take the highway, you can choose a single-stage deceleration bridge.If the road condition is not very good, there are a lot of stones or ramps, it is recommended to choose the wheel side deceleration bridge, so that the car's torque is relatively large, suitable for climbing.