How to clean and maintain flat transporter

- Dec 20, 2019-

Now no matter what kind of car is used for a long time, if we don't pay attention to cleaning and maintenance, there will be some big and small problems and hidden dangers, so how can we avoid them in use? Let's have a look at this:


1. The connection between the supercharger and the intake and exhaust pipes of the flat transporter must be tight without air leakage. If there is air leakage between the exhaust pipe and the exhaust gas turbine, the efficiency of the supercharger will be greatly reduced, and the exhaust temperature of the diesel engine will rise sharply, which will damage the valves and the supercharger.


2. Before starting a new engine, the supercharger and supercharger oil filter must be filled with clean oil to ensure that the supercharger bearing can be lubricated as soon as the diesel engine is started. After driving 8000-10000km, the oil filter element of supercharger must be replaced.


3. Before the diesel engine is stopped, the flat transporter shall be operated for 3-5min under idle condition to reduce the speed and temperature of the supercharger, and monitor the operation sound of the supercharger. In case of any abnormality, stop the machine for inspection. If the supercharger rotor does not rotate flexibly and there is jamming or wear sound, it shall be sent to the qualified maintenance station for repair.


4. The lock nut of the turbocharger compressor of the flat transporter cannot be disassembled, otherwise the dynamic balance of the turbocharger rotor will be destroyed and the turbocharger will be damaged.