How to clean the tank of the suction truck effectively

- Dec 18, 2019-

As we know, suction trucks are specially used to transport sludge and sewage. Generally, tank bodies need to be cleaned after transportation to ensure the cleanness of vehicles, facilitate the next use and guarantee the performance of vehicles. Because most car owners don't know how to clean the tank, they often fail to clean the vehicle in place and cause damage to the vehicle over time. So how to better clean the tank body of the suction truck. Next, I'd like to introduce a thorough cleaning method for the tank body of the suction truck.


1. Do not wash the outside of the tank too frequently. If it is too frequent, the appearance of the vehicle will be damaged and the paint will be damaged.


2. Clean the vehicle with clean tap water, because the fine sand contained in the sewage will damage the vehicle. In winter, warm water should be used to clean the vehicle, so as to avoid ice inside the tank damaging the tank.

suction sewage truck

3. When washing the car, it should be carried out in a good weather, and it must be in a ventilated place, so that it can be dried as soon as possible after washing the car, so as to avoid rust on the car body.


4. wash cars to prevent some parts of the vehicle from entering water, such as loudspeakers, headlights and so on, so that truck can not work normally.


5. When washing the car, wait until the engine cools down to avoid damaging the engine due to thermal expansion and cold contraction.


6. Regularly check the scale of the tank body to avoid serious impact on the tank body. Cleaning the tank body needs to use the detergent produced by the regular manufacturer and operate in strict accordance with the instructions.