How to connect the trailer and tractor

- Jul 24, 2019-

3 axle elliptical shape oil fuel trailer_1

1) In order to connect the king pin and the fifth wheel successfully, stop up the semi-trailer wheels with crossers first.

2)Operate the landing legs, and make the seat board of the semi-trailer king pin 10~30mm lower than the central position of the fifth wheel.  

     Please do as the above, otherwise the connection may fail, and the fifth wheel, the king pin and some other parts may be damaged.

3)Pull open the unlock rod on the fifth wheel to expand the traction lock mechanism.

4)Reverse the tractor, guide the king pin into the opening of the lock mechanism through the V type opening of the fifth wheel, and push the lock block turn and lock the kingpin (That is to hear click and see unlock rod return).

5)When the tractor reverses, the centre line of the tractor and the semi-trailer shall bring into line. 

     In general, the offset shall be below 40mm; the included angle between the two centre lines shall within 5 ° ,with full load while 7 ° with no load.  

6)Turn on the semi-trailer air line switch on the tractor to connect the air line (connect the joint of the air-supply line of the tractor to the one of the semi-trailer, and the joint of the control line of the tractor to the one of the semi-trailer).

7) Insert the wire connecting plug of the tractor into the wire connecting socket of the semi-trailer to connect the circuit.

8) Properly operate the lifting landing legs to let them retract back, and then pull down the crank and put it on the hook.

9) Remove the crossers under the wheels.