How to do if the fire pump on the fire truck cannot absorb water by itself

- Dec 27, 2019-

The fire pump is the core component of the fire truck. Once the fire pump fails, it will not be able to provide the fire truck with the amount of water and water pressure required to extinguish the fire. It may not be possible to perform rescue and rescue at the best time, and eventually cause some unnecessary losses. Therefore, when any failure of the fire pump must be resolved in time, the following fire truck manufacturers will first explain to you how to solve when the fire pump can not self-absorb water?


First of all, what are the possible reasons that cause the fire pump on the fire truck to not self-absorb water? There are several reasons for this:

1. The suction height is too high;

2. The vacuum pump is not working;

3. Air leaking from piping valve.

After knowing the possible reasons, but not sure which one is, you can take the following troubleshooting methods:

1. Reduce the height of the suction pipe. The height of the suction pipe cannot be higher than the height of the water pipe carried by the pump.

2. Check whether the power supply of the electromagnetic clutch is normal. Remove the power cord at one end of the electromagnetic clutch and use a test tool to check whether there is power. During the operation, observe whether the air outlet of the vacuum pump is exhausted.


3. First, turn the water pump manually by 360 degrees. If it fails to rotate, the vacuum pump is stuck. Remove the end covers on both sides of the vacuum pump and turn the pump drive shaft back and forth for normal operation. If the water pump is normally turned on, do not start the vehicle, turn on the additional power supply, press the water pump control switch to determine whether the electromagnetic clutch has a suction sound. If normal, turn the water pump to determine whether the V-belt is slipping.

4. Check that all valves are closed and that there are no leaks at the connections.