How to eliminate the hidden dangers of fuel tank truck

- Aug 25, 2019-

(1) Tired driving is forbidden for a fuel tank truck

Driving the vehicle in the cab, the air circulation is poor, the driver is very prone to fatigue; often feels tired, the line of sight becomes blurred and the thinking becomes dull, especially in the afternoon or midnight, it is easy to sleep, and barely driving will lead to traffic accidents. occur. Avoid fatigue driving to ensure safe driving.

 fuel tank truck

(2) Pay attention to static electricity accumulation

The oil content of the oil tank should be appropriate: the oil tank is too little, the shaking space is large during transportation, and it is easy to generate static electricity; if it is installed too much, the car with a tight seal on the oil tank mouth may easily overflow, so the irrigation volume is 85. About % is appropriate. In addition, the medium speed should be maintained during transportation to ensure that the oil in the tank is relatively stable, and emergency braking should be minimized. Connect the static wires to ensure that the static wires are in contact with the ground.

 fuel tank truck

(3) stay away from fire

When driving a tanker, you are not allowed to smoke or answer the phone. When you park your car, you should stay away from the fire and not stop at the edge of the fire, causing an explosion.