How to Increase the Service Life of Dust Suppression Vehicle

- Sep 12, 2019-

Many users who buy multi-function dust suppression vehicle ask questions about the service life of the vehicle, but as we all know, the service life of the vehicle depends on the later maintenance. Here are some points to be noted for the multi-function dust suppression vehicle:


1. When multifunctional dust suppression vehicle is first used, we should pay attention to observe whether the water outlet and return pipe of the water tank of the dust suppression vehicle are icing in winter. If it is icing, we should add heated water in the water tank to melt it (< 50 C), or add antifreeze liquid in the water tank to prevent the water tank from icing.

 dust suppression vehicle

2. After using the multi-function dust suppression vehicle, the water in the water tank should be completely drained to ensure that there is no residual water in the water tank, pump, water filter and water system pipeline, so as to prevent the expansion and rupture of the water pipeline system due to low temperature freezing during transportation.


3. When the multi-function dust suppression vehicle is not in use for a long time, the water in the water tank and the water in the filter should be discharged through the sewage valve, and the residual water in the pump should be discharged by turning on the nut under the pump, so as to prevent the water from freezing when the external environment temperature is too low, causing the damage of the pump and other faults.


4. In order to ensure the use effect of dust suppression vehicle and prolong the service life of equipment, regularly clean filters and water pipeline system to ensure the water quality in the water tank is clean.


The above method is also useful for other special vehicles, such as sprinklers, high-pressure cleaning vehicles, etc.