How to judge the abnormal brake of mixer

- Jul 22, 2019-

Vehicle driving, safety is the most important thing, and so is the special purpose vehicle. Mixer is a kind of special purpose vehicle, mainly used to transport concrete, which is widely used in construction. The center of gravity of the mixer is high, and the road condition in the range of driving is generally poor. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the safety of driving, and the brake is one of the most frequently used parts of the mixer. The braking performance is very important to the safety of the whole vehicle. Drivers of mixer trucks must learn to judge the abnormal braking skills. I would like to introduce to you some situations that indicate that there will be problems in braking.

 mixer truck

1. Abnormal braking should be noted: when braking, the braking system emits sharp and harsh metal friction sound, which may be caused by thinning of the brake pad, brake pits, foreign bodies in the brake pad or rusting of the brake disc, etc., under normal circumstances, a few more feet on the brake will alleviate the abnormal noise.


2. The longer the stroke of the brake pedal, the softer the brake as we often say. The main reasons for the longer brake stroke are the air entering into the brake system and the lack of brake oil, which may be result in leakage and serious wear of brake pads.


3. Brake deviation, brake deviation phenomenon generally occurs less, mainly reflected in the steering wheel has a significant side deflection when the brake is stepped on. The causes of this phenomenon may be partial wear of brake pads and problems of brake pump distribution.


4. Brake hardening, many drivers will encounter the problem of brake hardening, the main reason for brake hardening is the failure of vacuum booster, resulting in brake helplessness, frequent braking.


5. The rebound of the brake pedal is common when the brake is pressed. This phenomenon is mostly caused by the uneven surface of the brake disc, the brake pad and the deformation of the steel ring.


These are just part of the brake system problems. If you feel that the brake is not normal during driving the mixer, you must not be careless. You should stop to check the reasons first. If you can't decide, you should go to the maintenance station to repair. Don't delay time, otherwise you will lose money if you have big problems.