How to maintain and maintain the bodywork of a vacuum cleaner

- Dec 26, 2019-

The upper assembly of the vacuum cleaner is a functional part of the cleaning operation of the vacuum cleaner. Careful maintenance and correct maintenance are the prerequisites to ensure the good performance of the vacuum cleaner. It requires users to perform daily maintenance. Here are the maintenance steps:


1. To ensure the good permeability of the air filter cartridge, the filter cartridge must be cleaned by an external high-pressure air source (5KG) after the end of each day's work. The best time is 8-10 cycles, or backflush for 30 minutes;

2. For buttering, butter the moving parts every half month or 100 hours of work;

3. Check the wear of the suction rubber plate every day, and adjust the height of the wire rope and casters appropriately (about 0.5 cm from the ground). If necessary, replace the rubber plate and casters. If the distance between the suction port and the ground is too large, the seal will not be in place or the negative pressure will be insufficient, thereby reducing the dust suction effect. Therefore, to ensure a good vacuuming effect, adjustment and timely replacement of the rubber sheet are very important;


4. After the end of each day's work, the garbage inside the box must be cleaned in time. The inside of the box should be washed away with water, to avoid rusting of the car body, and to prevent the filter paper from being scrapped by water.

The above are the steps for the maintenance and maintenance of the upper part of the vacuum car. In addition to the above steps, the user needs to check the vehicle regularly to avoid affecting the working effect of the vacuum car due to small problems and malfunctions.