How to Maintain Sprinkler in Summer

- Aug 20, 2019-

In the hot summer, not only people will get heatstroke in the sun outside, but also the truck will get heatstroke. In the summer, we should do a better job in the maintenance of the sprinkler, find problems to be repaired in time to avoid unnecessary losses. Next, I'll tell you how to maintain the sprinkler.


First of all, we need to check the sprinkler's pump regularly. The pump is the core of the sprinkler. If there is a problem with the pump, the sprinkler will not work properly. If the sprinkler stops using for a long time, the pump should be removed and cleaned properly. If in the use process, we must first observe the quality of water, such as pumping water from ponds and rivers, pay attention to submerge the front end of the suction pipe into the water. When absorbing water, it is strictly forbidden to remove the filter device to avoid inhaling impurities. Different sprinkler pumps require different water sources. Clean water pumps require no impurities in the water, turbid water pumps require no stones and excessive sand in the water. It is also important to note that the gear of the power take-off device must be operated when the sprinkler is parked, either before it absorbs water or before it sprinkles water.


Secondly, the tank maintenance, sprinkler tank paint can not be stained with kerosene and gasoline, because this will accelerate the damage of sprinkler paint, regular inspection of the paint quality on the tank, when the paint damage is serious, should be timely repaired to avoid corrosion of the tank. We should also develop the habit of washing and waxing trucks after rain. When choosing wax, we should pay attention to the fact that ordinary oiliness and solid wax have been gradually eliminated due to their lack of adhesion, easy contamination (watermarking after rain), abrasion of truck paint and non-durability of brightness. It is better to glaze or coat the sprinkler, which can not only keep the car paint durable and bright, but also protect the car paint from sand and wind.