How to maintain the high-pressure water pump of the cleaning truck?

- Jul 04, 2019-

Independent control of high-pressure water pump of cleaning truck can switch the function of sweeping operation or cleaning operation at any time. The high-pressure pump is in the high-pressure and high-flow working condition. Only by maintaining the high-pressure pump regularly, can the long-term work of the high-pressure pump be guaranteed. So how should the owners and friends maintain the high-pressure pump of the cleaning car?


Here are the maintenance methods of high-pressure water pump:


1. For new or overhauled pumps, the first oil change is 500 hours, and change oil for every 3000 hours or according to the quality of lubricating oil, the overhaul period of high-pressure water pumps is tentatively set at 12,000 hours.


2. Injection of lubricating oil into power end as required.


3. Check and correct the release pressure of the safety valve regularly, which is 1.08-1.1 times of the rated working pressure. Check the accuracy of the pressure gauge and the tightness of the belt regularly, and replace the damaged vulnerable parts.


4. Adjust the gap of each part, check and tighten each screw.


5. Pumps that need to be shut down for a long time should be washed with clean water to drain the liquid in the pump body, remove and wash all valves and coat them with rust-proof oil, and carry out anti-corrosion treatment for the whole pump.


6. If you want to start a pump that has been placed for a long time, you should have a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the pump, otherwise you can't start it.


Above is the maintenance procedure of the high-pressure water pump of the cleaning truck.